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Happy Feet
by Carol Goodrow


The Fix
by Declan Hill

How to Fix a Soccer Game.
Hill came face-to-face with the multi-billion dollar
illegal Asian gambling industry.
Over four years, he interviewed more than two hundred people,
including professional gamblers, Mafia hitmen, undercover cops,
 top-level international soccer players, referees, and officials.
This book will forever change the way you think and feel
about professional sport.

"One of the year's best [soccer] books" - New York Times

Declan Hill is an investigative journalist, documentary maker and academic. He specializes in studying organized crime and international issues.
Before writing ‘The Fix,’ he made documentaries on the killing
 of the head of the Canadian mafia, blood feuds in Kosovo
and ethnic cleansing in Iraq.
He has also created documentaries in Kurdistan,
India, Bolivia, Mexico, and Turkey.

Have Glove, Will Travel:
Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

by Bill Lee, Richard Lally

A fun read, full of Lee-isms and insights on baseball.  More about his background,  family relationships and the game he loves.

The Wrong Stuff
by Bill Lee, Richard Lally
Bill Lee's original take on baseball.

Bill Lee: A Profile of a Pitcher
A Film by Bill Reid

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