©Photos by Lois Siegel 

Conductor Gordon  Slater with his wife Elsa

©Photo by Tom Barnes
Composer Walter Babiak and Gordon Slater
Premiere "Movin' In My Heart"

Robert Thompson

Celia McInnis

Ian Boyd

Martin Bueno

Gordon Slater
Patrick Fitzgerald

      Terence Terry Leung

Alan Bowles

Graham Carpenter

Fred Brown

Dave Woycheshin, Guy Nadeau

Anne Boyd, Laurence Wall, Mechthild Meyer

Richard Levine, David Ruby

David Sale

Chris Bancej

Michel Viau

Marilyn Goodman-Galbraith

Anne Boyd, Sandra Currie

Allona Mayost

Brian Hird

Ingin Jungnickel

Guy Nadeau

Mike Vandenbosch

Quinn Redekop

Eszter Finta

Ted Jones

Malcolm McEwen

Laurence Jones, Fred Brown

Laurel Sinclair

Elsa Slater

Patrick Fitzgerald and Emma Hartnett
checking a clip-on tuner

Felicity Mulgan

Antje Ernst

Photo by Terry Leung
Lois Siegel

Zella  Baran

Geoff Green

Carl Widstrand, Graham Carpenter, Patrick Fitzgerald

Michael and Gizella Keppel-Jones

Gordon Slater, Conductor
Richard Levine


Mike Wilson

Bob Brown

Milan Kantor

Joy Rutherford

Laurence Jones, Martin Bueno
Anne Cure

Clive Gilbert in action

Carl Widstrand

Alistair Rondeau

Anne Cure

Gerg Horvath

Donna Bernachi


Judith Pentinga

Matthew Abbott

John Worrall

David Sale

Brigid Fitzgerald

Cathleen Antoine

©Photo by Charles Frost
Chisako Iwanaga

©Photo by Charles Frost
Bob Spasoff

©Photo by Charles Frost

©Photo by Charles Frost

©Photo by Charles Frost

©Photo by Charles Frost

©Photo by Charles Frost

©Photo by Charles Frost

Stephanie Lachman Doucet
Selling Tickets

Tom Barnes
Audio Engineer

Martin Bueno de Mesquita
Tom Barnes

©Photo by Charles Frost

Tom Barnes

Mike VandenBosch
Trombone Player
and sometimes

Michael Keppel-Jones

Ian Boyd

Sandra Currie
Angela Blackwell, Librarian

The Audience

 Patrick Saull, with sons Aidan and Owent
(Family of Laurel Sinclair - French Horn) w