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Neil Blevins
Film Animator
Pixar Animation Studios
Emeryville, California

Neil Blevins

Before Neil Blevins moved to Marina Del Rey, in 1999, he had always lived in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada.  He was 26-years-old and he left Canada, possibly for good, to work in the film industry in California.

California, Here I Come:  Another Canadian Who Headed South:"
           Film Animator Neil Blevins

He first worked for
Blur Studios in Venice.
Blur's work:  "Hellraiser 4," shots for "Deep Rising," the "hell" sequence for South Park, the movie, several episodes of the cartoon "Johnny Quest," and tons of commercials.

Then Neil landed a job at Pixar and has never looked back. 
became a technical director on "The Incredibles," directed by Brad Bird,
 who also directed "The Iron Giant."
"The Incredibles is an action-adventure, comedy about a family of superheroes.

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"The Colours of My Father"
Joyce Borenstein

The Brothers Quay

Chocolate Moose Media
Firdaus Kharas

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Firdaus Kharas has been referred to in the media as a “world renowned”
director and producer of animation, documentaries, television series and film. 
 His current work focuses on innovative solutions to global issues
by creating various types of media to effect societal and
individual behavioural change through mass communications
spanning across many cultures and countries to better the human condition.

In 1996, Kharas founded Chocolate Moose Media,
a social enterprise
that are both for-profit and non-profit media activities
(Culture Shift)
.  He describes himself as a social innovator
 focusing on some of the world's toughest issues. 

Nan and Lili Things That Belong in the Kitchen & The Square

The Three Amigos HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme

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Buzz & Bite Malaria Prevention Campaign

No Excuses, You Do, I Don't

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TEDxKids@TheHill-Firdaus Kharas-Find Your Inspiration

Animation Products

Calgary, Alberta

Cuckoo Animation

Velislav Kazakov

Bugging the Bug




Jean Detheux

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Peter Adamakos
Disada Productions Ltd.

American Pixel Academy's Pixel Award
2016 Gold Award to Disada Productions
"Home Fires"
Directed by Peter Adamakos


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Michael Dudok de Wit
London, England

"Father and Daughter"
Academy Award, British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Award,
 the Grand Prix, Annecy

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Farzin Farzaneh

Montreal, Canada

Is it a rat?
Is it a bat?
Is it a cat?

Drat is a gothic tale of a woman living alone in a country house.
Her solitary routine is disrupted when she suspects
that some kind of animal is trying to invade her home.
Her suspicion turns into obsession as she tries in vain
to keep the creature out.

11 minutes, 2010, Canada

Farzin Farzaneh is an Iranian-born artist living and working in Montreal.

The images were created directly under the camera
and photographed on the animation stand.
 This technique is similar to painting-on-glass and sand animation.
 Farzin would erase and draw over the parts of the images
that he wanted to modify in the next frame.
Farzin used graphite and colour pencils on velum.

Best Animation
Queens World Film Festival

Tyler Gibb
Animation and Illustration

Teen Filmmaker First Local to Win

at Ottawa International Animation Festival

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Will Inrig with his trophy

 Will Inrig's short, animated film
 "The Depose of Bolskivoi Hovhannes" won the
Adobe Prize for High School Animation


This is his first animated film and tells the story of a humble shepherd
on a wind-swept heath in Armenia, whose sheep begin to conspire against him.


Inrig gained significant attention last summer with his debut feature documentary film
"The Exceptional Jivatma Valettas" that chronicles his very eccentric next-door neighbours.
 The film
premiered at the Library and Archives Canada.

He is currently working on another feature documentary
 "The Fantastic Ballet of the Mind and Its Master," exploring the inner fantasies of the autistic mind.

The film is inspired by his younger brother who has been diagnosed with severe autism.
Inrig is working with
the National Film Board of Canada through
 the assistance of Oscar-winning producer Adam Symansky.
Acting as the film’s executive producer is renowned Canadian filmmaker
 and Order of Canada recipient Allan King ("Warrendale," "A Married Couple").

Inrig is mentored by Order of Canada recipient Alanis Obomsawin,
one of Canada’s most distinguished documentary filmmakers
 and Ottawa filmmaker Lois Siegel.


Inrig's first dramatic feature about an enigmatic alien landing in northern Ontario,
 is also being supported by the National Film Board of Canada


 "The Depose of Bolskivoi Hovhannes" was made as part of
Canterbury High School's Media Arts Program 


Director: Will Inrig
Camera: Gordon Bailey

©Photo  by Lois Siegel

AUDIO: Will Inrig talks to All in a Day host Adrian Harewood on CBC Radio July 23, 2008

The Joy of Books
Sean Ohlenkamp, a creative director at a Toronto marketing agency,
 spent four nights filming The Joy Of Books at his local independent bookstore
using more than 15 volunteers and hundreds of paper and hardback titles.

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Sharon Katz


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Kutoka Interactive
Montreal, Canada

Makers of CD-ROM software for children covering several subjects,
 in English, French and other languages

New York Festivals Announces Grand Winners of the
 2007 Interactive New Media Advertising Awards

Top honors for Best Application was awarded to Kutoka Interactive of Montreal, Canada
 for their educational CD-ROM "Didi & Ditto: The Wolf King."
The colorful learning package targeting first-grade children uses games
 and hands-on activities to promote literacy, problem solving and other skills
 which make up the first-grade curriculum.

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Rick Vincent
CEO + Creative Director

Derek Lamb

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Kaj Pindall, Derek Lamb, Janet Perlman

Northern Stars
Canadian animator, producer, writer and director, Derek Lamb has died.

Ryan Larkin
Working on his new film "Spare Change"

Frank Film
Sound by Tony Schwartz

Frank & Caroline Mouris
273 Hanley Road
Nassau, New York

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Cannes Festival
May 17 to 28, 2006

The Cannes Festival will be the site of the NFB’s official launch for the
Norman McLaren Year
 a special celebration as part of the 65th anniversary of animation film at the NFB.

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Grant Munro, Norman McLaren, Rene Jodoin
 Canadian Film Animators
National Film Board of Canada
Norman McLaren

Photo by Gar Lunney
National Film Board of Canada
Norman McLaren


Jeu directed by Georges Schwizgebel

"Jeu" is a very captivating film. 
The music is strong and becomes a main character with the animation.
I haven't seen this done before so effectively. 


Madame Tutli-Putli, directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski,
2007, 17 minutes

A fantastic voyage by train at night…an hallucination with an outstanding use of light, color, and startling sound effects; precise detail and intricate design. The stop-motion animation took more than five years to complete. Portrait artist Jason Walker created the technique of adding composited human eyes to the stop-motion puppets. Not a children’s film.


Academy Award Nomination Short Film Animated, 2008

Bill Plympton

California, Here I Come:  Another Canadian Who Headed South:"
           Film Animator Neil Blevins

August Strindberg and Helium

Tango, Directed by Zbigniew Rybczynski, 8 minutes, 1981, Poland

Experimental Animated films are some of the most interesting. Tango fits in this category.  Only 8 minutes and 12 seconds long, the film is composed of a continual series of characters moving into the simple landscape of a small apartment room, each initiating a different action. First, there’s a boy who is chasing what looks like a dark soccer ball. He moves through a window to retrieve his ball and then leaves the same way he came in.  His movements are repeated throughout the film.

Then a series of other people appear – a thief, a lady nursing a baby, a man attempting to fix an overhanging light, an athlete, two lovers… actions are repeated as layers of action fill an increasingly crowded space.

Rybczynski had to draw and paint over 16,000 cell-mattes and make several hundred thousand exposures on an optical printer. It took a full seven months, sixteen hours per day, to make the piece. Tango won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (1982).

The film can be seen online on Vimeo:

Academy Award: Best Animated Short, 1982

Review by Lois Siegel
See the Film

When the Day Breaks  by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, 1999, 9 minutes, Canada

“When the Day Breaks” won the Palme d’Or for Best Short at the 1999 Cannes Film festival. It also took two prizes at the Annecy International Film Festival.
On a Roll: NFB Film Wins At Cannes: When the Day Breaks

Will Vinton

Clay Kings: Will Vinton Studios

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Steve Woloshen
Scratch Film Artist
Montreal, Canada


Clay Animator




by Patrick Jenkins

Haring Kids

Longfellow Middle School

Student Claymation Movies 
Year 2001-2002
San Antonio, Texas

Longfellow Middle School
Student Flipbooks 
Year 2000-2002
San Antonio, Texas

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