Film Crew

Lois Siegel taught Animation, Photography, Modern Cinema and Documentary Film at John Abbott College,
Film Production at Concordia University (Montreal),
and English at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
Once upon a time, the people listed below
with an asterisk *
were students in her classes or
attended her John Abbott College Film Club
Montreal, Quebec
As well, several films are included produced
by her students at the University of Ottawa,
Video Production Classes
(towards the bottom of the page).

Steve Campanelli* and Glen MacPherson*

Tyrone Benskin*
Artistic Director
Vice-President - ACTRA National

Black Theatre Workshop

Elected Member of Parliament
in the Jeanne-Le Ber riding,
 Montreal, Quebec, May 2, 2011

Neil Blevins *
Film Animator
Pixar Animation Studios
Emeryville, California

Neil Blevins

Before Neil Blevins moved to Marina Del Rey, in 1999, he had always lived in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada.  He was 26-years-old and he left Canada, possibly for good, to work in the film industry in California.

He first worked for Blur Studios in Venice.
Blur's work:  "Hellraiser 4," shots for "Deep Rising," the "hell" sequence for South Park, the movie, several episodes of the cartoon "Johnny Quest," and tons of commercials.

Then Neil landed a job at Pixar and has never looked back. 
He became a technical director on "The Incredibles,"
directed by Brad Bird, who also directed
"The Iron Giant."  "The Incredibles is an action-adventure, comedy about a family of superheroes.

Neil also worked on Cars, Wall-e, Up, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Brave, The Good Dinosaur, as well as about a dozen short films
for Pixar. He is currently working on Incredibles 2.

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Pierre Brault *
Ottawa, Ontario

Steve Campanelli *

Camera and Steadicam Operator
Thousand Oaks, California


Oscar Nomination for The Changeling
Camera Operator of the Year


Steadicam and Camera Operator on "Invictus"
in South Africa with Clint (2009)

How Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain
 of South Africa's rugby team to help unite their country

Gran Torino

Photo by Anthony Michael Rivetti
(L-R) Director Clint Eastwood, camera operator
Steve Campanelli, 1st Assistant Camera Bill Coe,
and Actor Bee Vang on the set of Warner Brothers Pictures
and Village Roadshow Pictures  drama "Gran Torino." 
The film starts Clint Eastwood and is distributed by
Warner Brothers Pictures.

Tania (Steve's wife), Clint Eastwood and Steve
"Million Dollar Baby"

The Changeling

Cameraman Campanelli makes Clint's day
Montreal Gazette
October 12, 2012

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Lizzie Ciesluk
Special Effects Makeup: Prosthetics
with Behind-the-Scenes Cameraman Manny Menezes


Richard Ciupka
Director/Director of Photography

"Beer commercials are my specialty, if only people knew how much stuff
and time it takes to light properly a glass of brew and make appealing..."

Andrew Deskin*
Production Designer
Port Moody, B.C.


Originally from Montreal, Andrew Deskin has resided in and around Vancouver since 1997. After graduating from Montreal’s Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema, Andy began his film career as a props man on David Cronenberg’s "Rabid."


Some of his Production Design credits include the Emmy award-winning film "A Storm in Summer,"  directed by Robert Wise (West Side Story, The Sound of Music); The Stick Up, directed by Rowdy Herrington (Striking Distance, Roadhouse); and Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet, directed by Mick Garris (The Stand, The Shining, Masters of Horror).

He designed the television series  "Cold Squad" which ran for eight years, and in 1996, he was Art Director on the Gemini-award winning miniseries "The Arrow."

He won a Gemini© award for Production Design on "Lost in the Barrens" (MOW, 1990), as well as Blizzard awards for "For the Moment" (Feature, 1992), starring Russell Crowe, and "For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down" (MOW, 1996). Most recently he was nominated for a LEO award for "When a Man Falls in the Forest" (Feature, 2006) starring Sharon Stone.

Christian Duguay *
Film Director
Montreal, Quebec

In 1996, Christian Duguay directed the much-acclaimed miniseries "Million Dollar Babies,"
a Canadian-American co-productions about the Dionne quintuplets, starring Beau Bridges and Kate Nelligan.  The series aired on CBC and won him a Gemini Best Director Award.

His television miniseries "Joan of Arc," CBS 1999
 was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes,
 including in both instances nominations for Best Miniseries and Best Director.

When not working on films, Christian also directs award-winning commercials,
 including spots for Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Chrysler, General Motors,
 McDonalds, the Yellow Pages and Labatt Blue Dry.

Formula One racing champion Jacques Villeneuve has announced the story of his father, Quebec racing hero Gilles Villeneuve, will be filmed by Toronto-based Capri Films. Shooting locations: Quebec and Italy.

Gilles Villeneuve died in a car crash in 1982 during the Formula One qualifying season. The film will begin 15 years later when son Jacques is preparing to race in Jerez, Portugal, the day he won the Formula One championship.

 Christian Duguay will direct.

Tyler Gibb
Animation and Illustration

Hunt Hoe *
Film Director
Montreal, Quebec

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Hunt Hoe won  Best Director award at the Newport Beach Film Festival for the complex, sexual drama "Seducing Maarya," returned to the festival in a new film exploring the complexities of Asian male identities, gay and straight.

"Who is Albert Woo?," a film Hoe made for the National Film Board of Canada, is really the Malaysian-born director's quest to understand who he himself is. The film also features Jackie Chan in some of the movie's most unexpected and revealing scenes. Hoe is based in Montreal.

2008: From a tropical island in Thailand to the island of Montreal then Montserrat in the Caribbean, a philandering chef’s search of the Zen of cooking
leads to the secret of love & divine mysteries... 

1st Bite

Will Inrig
Documentary Film Director
Teen Filmmaker First Local to Win

at Ottawa International Animation Festival


©Photo  by Lois Siegel

 Will Inrig's short, animated film
 "The Depose of Bolskivoi Hovhannes" won the
Adobe Prize for High School Animation


This is his first animated film and tells the story of a humble shepherd
on a wind-swept heath in Armenia, whose sheep begin to conspire against him.


Inrig gained significant attention last summer with his debut feature documentary film
 "The Exceptional Jivatma Valettas" that chronicles his very eccentric next-door neighbours.
 The film
premiered at the Library and Archives Canada.

He is currently working on another feature documentary
 "The Fantastic Ballet of the Mind and Its Master," exploring the inner fantasies of the autistic mind.

The film is inspired by his younger brother who has been diagnosed with severe autism.
Inrig is working with
the National Film Board of Canada through
 the assistance of Oscar-winning producer Adam Symansky.
Acting as the film’s executive producer is renowned Canadian filmmaker
 and Order of Canada recipient Allan King ("Warrendale," "A Married Couple").

Inrig is mentored by Order of Canada recipient Alanis Obomsawin,
one of Canada’s most distinguished documentary filmmakers
 and Ottawa filmmaker Lois Siegel.


Inrig's first dramatic feature about an enigmatic alien landing in northern Ontario,
 is also being supported by the National Film Board of Canada


 "The Depose of Bolskivoi Hovhannes" was made as part of
Canterbury High School's Media Arts Program 


Director: Will Inrig
Camera: Gordon Bailey

Jedrzej Jonasz*
Film Director

Capital j. Films
L.A., California

Jedrzej Jonasz

"Low Budget"

Barry Julien*
Co-Executive Producer
 The Colbert Report
New York City

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Emily Lazar and Barry Julien, both from The Colbert Report, have been named co-executive producers

Head-Writer Colbert Report, Comic, Actor
Emmy Award Winner
Four Emmys. Three for writing and one for
Outstanding Variety Series.
 Emmy Award 2008
Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special"

 Three Writers Guild of America Awards, two Peabody's and
two Producers Guild of America Awards.

3 Angels Power Film Production Inc.
Jeanne d'Arc, Gladys *, and Mona Lisa Karam
Cornwall, Ontario

Three siblings, each born in a different country:
Kuwait, Lebanon, Canada

Gladys is the host, director and producer
Jeanne is in charge of music
 Mona Lisa is the art director, stylist and camera person on location

Bill Kerrigan
Director of Photography/Camera Operator

Equestrian Martial Arts
Chris Kovach

Equestrian martial arts is the study and practice
of any and all aspects of fighting and defending
from horseback with hand-held weapons as well as archery

Charles Le Guen *

Charles Le Guen is a commercial artist who has lived and worked around the globe, creating computer-generated visual effects
for Hollywood feature films, video game cinematics,
high-end television shows, and TV commercials, since 1998.

As a Computer Graphics Supervisor, Charles has built and managed small, highly-skilled teams for feature film projects, including Immortals, Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium,
 Stranger than Fiction, and Across the Universe.

He spent nine months working on effects for the film "Gravity."
Charles was flown to Australia for this. 
Academy Award 2014: Best visual effects
When you watch the film, keep your eyes
 on the three parachute shots at the climax of the film.
 Those are Charles's shots.  He spent nine months working on them, and they pass by in about 60 seconds. 

Glen MacPherson *
Director of Photography
L.A., California

Glen MacPherson CSC ASC is a Director of Photography
based in Los Angeles.

He's a member of the International Camera Guild locals 600 & 669.

American Cinematographer

January 2008

Volume 89, Number 1
Interview with Glen MacPherson

Directed by Sylvester Stallone

Glen in Thailand on "Rambo" set


Final Destination 4

New Orleans





A 20th Century Chocolate Cake
Glen MacPherson (Assistant Camera), Lois Siegel (Director),
 Peter Benison (Cinematographer)

Stefan Nitoslawski

Nafisseh Nazemroaya *
House of Craft
Writing and Motion Picture Services

Fiona Noakes *
Bitter State

 Mark David Perry *
Montreal, Quebec

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Mark has written documentaries, commercials, advertising and marketing videos,
 television movies and feature films.

His most recent screenplay is "The House Sitter,"
starring Tori Spelling.


© Photo by Lois Siegel
Tori Spelling

He has also written multiple episodes of the Canada/France co-production
 "Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales" and numerous episodes of
 the YTV/Nickelodeon hit television series
 "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

Nadine Poirier
Hair and Makeup Artist
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Photo by Lois Siegel
Stephen Reizes
Karen Sadler *
Art Life Productions
Jacksonville, Florida

Art Life Productions is a company committed to generating arts events,
 programs and initiatives that cause a new vision for the future of art in our communities.

Art Life Productions
encourages a lifetime of learning excellence and arts enrichment
 for all ages and backgrounds.

Karen Sadler has fifteen years of creative and executive experience
 in advertising, music, film and artist development.

She first worked in commercial music video production
 and had a company for 9 years in NYC
 finding and developing directors, representing, producing, executive producing.
She did a lot of hip-hop videos, some alternative, rock, and pop. 

February 2006
Lois Siegel was invited by Karen Sadler, founder of ArtLife Productions,
 a company committed to generating arts events, programs and initiatives
 creating a new vision for the future of art in communities.

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Ottawa filmmaker Lois Siegel appeared as a guest speaker
 at Douglas Anderson High School of the Arts, Jacksonville, Florida.
  For three days, she taught film animation (drawing on film, flipbooks)
 and spoke about filmmaking and photography.


©Photo by Lois Siegel

Douglas Anderson is an award-winning institution on Florida's North Atlantic coast
 focusing on film, music, theatre and the visual arts.

©Photo by Karen Sadler, ArtLife Productions


Dick Smith

"Ghost Story"
J. Allen Suddeth *
Fight Coach
Film and Theatre
Glenridge, New Jersey

J. Allen Suddeth (far right)

The National Stage Combat Workshops

Cowboy Project

J. Allen Suddeth teaches at NYU and at Rutgers
in the acting programs.
He also flies all over the country to stage fights
 in major theaters in Denver, Baltimore
D.C., Seattle and elsewhere.

London, England

 Allen has worked professionally for the past 30 years
 based in the New York area.
He is ranked as one of ten recognized Fight Masters
 in the U.S. by the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD).
Allen has taught for 10 years at the SAFD National
Advanced, and Teacher Training Workshops.
He is the author of Fight Directing for the Theater
 published by Heinemann Press.

The Fight Master

Steve Surjik *
Toronto, Ontario

Steve Surjik directed the hit series "Kids in the Hall" and then made his feature debut
 in Hollywood with "Wayne's World 2," starring Michael Myers.


For television, he has directed the award-winning "Little Criminals and the Emmy-nominated "Weapons of Mass Distraction," starring Ben Kingsley and Gabriel Byrne. 
He also directed episodes for "X Files" "Da Vinci's Inquest," "Road to Avonlea," and Flashpoint.

Andre Turpin *
Director of Photography
Montreal, Quebec

An experimental risk-taking director of photography, Andre shot Denis Villeneuve's two features "Maelstrom" (2000) and "Un 32 Aout sur terre" (1998). Quebec's current auteur-du-chou
 also directed a segment for Roger Frappier's 1996 anthology film, "Cosmos." Andre's other cinematography credits include Jean-Philippe Duval's "Matron et mar" (1999) Arto Paragamian's "Because Why" (1993), and Marc Andre Fornier's surrealistic autobiographical
 "La Comtesse in Baton Rouge" (1995). Produced by the indie company Jeux d'Ombres,
 Andre's first try at a feature, "Zigrail," tracks a fictional Andre, played by another Andre (Charlebois), as he races around Europe in search of his pregnant girlfriend and ultimately himself.
"Une Crabe dans la tête" is Turpin’s second feature.

Prix Jutra
André Turpin - Incendies


  Daniel Villeneuve *
Director of Photography
Montreal, Quebec

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Rick Vincent *
CEO + Creative Director
Kutoka Interactive
Montreal, Quebec

Makers of CD-ROM software for children covering several subjects,
 in English, French and other languages.

New York Festivals Announces Grand Winners of the
 2007 Interactive New Media Advertising Awards

Top honors for Best Application was awarded to Kutoka Interactive of Montreal, Canada
 for their educational CD-ROM "Didi & Ditto: The Wolf King."
The colorful learning package targeting first-grade children uses games
 and hands-on activities to promote literacy, problem solving and other skills
 which make up the first-grade curriculum.

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Steve Woloshen *
Scratch Film Artist
Montreal, Quebec

© Photo by Lois Siegel

Steven has created many animated and experimental film projects and has been invited to show his work at festivals, screenings and galleries. He has been commissioned to create short animated pieces for other filmmakers, artists and events. Steven is currently living in Montreal.

Scratch Film:
drawing directly onto each frame of the film to be projected as in the tradition of National Film Board of Canada filmmaker Norman McLaren.

University of Ottawa
Department of Communication
Video Production I
Instructor: Lois Siegel
Two-Minute Documentary Portraits
and Short Fiction Films

Documentary Films

Video Production I
Winter 2010

"Passion on the Dance Floor"
by Len Smirnova and Jenna Pietrantonio


 "First Fastest Runner"
 by Jordan Kawai, Dave Jones, and Rachel Croft

Tommy Des Brisay

"Jazzy Chef"
Film by Eric Cherpit and Erin Sidhu

Featuring Kevin Clement, Head Chef and Co-Owner of Cafe 129

129 Rue Principale
Aylmer (Gatineau), Quebec
(819) 684-8181.


Video Production 1
Fall 2010

"Outside the Box"
by Eileen Reid, Emanuela Campanella, Emily Feist

Bhat Boy

Behind the Burger: The Works Gourmet Bistro Burger
By Lindsay Arbour, Deanna Derrick, and Jesseca Truong

Ion Aimers

"Simply Biscotti"
by Candice Brodeur and Meghan McGrail

Photo by Candice Brodeur
Rosa Pino

Video Production I
Fall 2009

"The Market Bell Ringer"
Film by Jamie Hammond, JC Pinheiro,  Jasmine Leese
Jordan Fisher      

Linda Cook
“The Market Bell Ringer," Market Manager
 Lansdowne Park, Ottawa

Linda's involved in the general organization of the market
 and monitoring
all the booths.




Video Production I

“Jammin’ with Ben Jammin’”

By Hassan Hamdan and Kristen Ricketts


Fiction Films

Video Production I
Winter 2014

We Found Love on a Spotted Page
Rene Ashby, Hananeel Robertson,
Scott Baird, Lisann George, Taylor Lay 


Video Production I
Fall 2011

The Sandy Hill
by Chelsea Ceci, Jamie Champagne, Nicole Iantorno
Melissa Presz, Sarah Whiteside

The five housemates of The Sandy Hill are back for another season of GTL, fist pumping, and battling grenades. But this time the party has moved to Ottawa. The area code may have changed, but the drama remains the same. The Instigation can't help but stir things up; Chelsea 'Bacardi' juice will be flowin'; 'Princess' will be bossin'; Nicole 'Sweatheart' and Jamie 'Meathead' picked up right where they left off, on Season Two of "The Sandy Hill."

Boom Box Day
by Sara Lawrence, Leeza Gulliver, Kiran Chandani,
Molly Aylwin, Rami El-Belbesi


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