Articles by Jerry Tallmer

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Jerry Tallmer
New York City journalist and critic
 One of founders of “ The Village  Voice”
 Created the Obie Awards (Off-Broadway Theatre) in 1956

Al and Francis are Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside at Lincoln Center
      Tribute to Francis Ford Coppola

Around the Bend (Jordan Roberts)

Blind Spot (Traudl Junge)

Famous Genes and Amazing Grace at Montreal Film Fest, 2001

Good Night, and Good Luck (Edward R. Murrow)

Keith Hernandez: Beyond the Mets

Lenny Bruce

A Lifetime of Cutting-Edge Filmmaking (Jonas Mekas)

The Man Who Loves a City (Pete Hamill)

Origin of the Obies

Robert De Niro, 26th Montreal World Film Festival, 2002

Vincent Gallo and Buffalo 66

Film Fanatics

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