Articles by Lois Siegel

© Photo by Paul Jean

Lois Siegel 

Plays fiddle and she teaches Video Production at
the University of Ottawa
Her documentary films include “Baseball Girls”
 (women who play softball and baseball)
 “Lip Gloss” (female impersonators)
 “Strangers in Town” (albinism)
 and “Stunt People”
 (The Fournier Family performing stunts for films)

A Clown Outside the Circus (Arthur Lipsett)

California, Here I Come: Another Canadian Who Headed South
    (Neil Blevins)

Experiencing the Other Side of Youth: Neil Young: Heart of Gold

Filmmaking as a Lethal Sport

From Gargoyles to Ant-Horses: Animation at The Montreal World Film
    Festival 2000

A History of Violence: A Story of Second Chances

Jury Attacked: Animation at The Montreal World Film Festival 1999

Life is Unpredictable (Not by Chance)

On a Roll: NFB Film Wins at Cannes (When the Day Breaks)

Bread and Shoe Polish (Ted Baryluk's Grocery)

Watermarks: Memories of Survival

Kingdom of the Nerds  (The Social Network)

Hold Up – Jean-Paul Belmondo  Cinema Canada
    Hold Up  - Jean-Paul Belmondo Cinema Canada

The Man Upstairs  - Donald Sutherland - Cinema Canada

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