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112 Weddings
Directed by Doug Block
92 minutes, U.S.A. 2013

Friday, August 1 – Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doug Block is a videographer. He shoots weddings of total strangers and delivers the videos. Then he never sees the happy couples again. One day he began to wonder what happened to all these people he filmed after they lived together. Were they still in love?

He contacted 112 former clients and asked them how their lives were now. Did their marriage turn out as they dreamed it would?The response is often surprising and very frank.

Although Block’s film is favors the down-side of marriage, it definitely explores the lives of people and the challenges and conflicts they have faced over the years. Marital bliss seems to be strongest the day of the wedding. After that, a new reality sets in.  Block asks couples how they have managed living with another person and how their lives have changed. Women no longer want to be stay-at-home moms. We see how the addition of children affects marriages and what compromises are made. Small grudges grow until couples drive each other nuts.

Block explores less traditional marriages, a partnership ceremony instead of a legal one, and same sex marriages. An articulate rabbi attests that marriage is not a perfect institution. He talks about the economic reality.

And despite all the pre-wedding planning, things can go wrong… a caterer calls and cancels three days before the event.

But there is also humor – like the guy who shows up for his wedding wearing a long, t-shirt-looking white, unfashionable top and tennis shoes, or the question: Will you still love someone when their teeth are gone

And there is sadness – when a child or parent becomes ill. A man tells of the time he went berserk and spent $7,000 on books in three days.

The dynamics of two families coming together – the relatives from different backgrounds… is also interesting.

In 112 Weddings, “happily ever after” is perhaps wishful thinking….

If you are married, divorced or thought about either, you might want to see this film.
Block explores the “mystery” of marriage and many not so happy endings.

Review by Lois Siegel


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Words and Pictures
Directed by Fred Schepisi
111 minutes, U.S. 2014
Rated 14A

Friday, July 11 - Thursday, July 17, 2014

Juliette Binoche, Clive Owen

Words and Pictures is a romantic comedy.  The film opens cross-cutting between the two main characters - the images take place at the same time in two different locations. We see them getting ready to go somewhere early morning. That somewhere happens to be an upscale prep school. They are both teachers.  Dina Delsanto (Juliette Binoche) is an artist and new to the school, and Jack Marcus (Clive Owen) is an English instructor. He's been there for many years.
Delsanto is also handicapped and walks with difficulty, using a cane. She has rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The two main characters go through a series of conflicts in a love/hate/love relationship. The screenwriter is Gerald Di Pego.  What makes this film work, besides the excellent acting, is the cleverly written humour and the interesting discussions about words and pictures by the two protagonists. 

Most of the students only care about getting into a good school after they graduate. Grades are key. Marcus calls then Droids, as in robots possessing artificial intelligence.

Delsanto is described as a painter who is known as The Icicle.  It's rumoured that she caned a student at her last school. But she's been a successful artist, selling her work.  Marcus, once a talented writer, is now an alcoholic.

Delsanto teaches Honours Art, the Marcus teaches Honours English. Delsanto talks about skill plus feeling... painting is a fine art. She says that words are lies and a trap. That doesn't go over well with Marcus.
He loves the power of words. He cares about them and plays word games, challenging others. 

The 'war' is on. Marcus challenges Delsanto to a Words versus Pictures assembly in front of the entire school.

Review by Lois Siegel

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Begin Again

Friday, July 11- Thursday, July 24, 2014

Directed by Irish Writer-Director John Carney
minutes, U.S. 2013

If you're a musician, I think you will love this film. If you're not a musician, you still will. It's definitely a feel-good movie.  Dan (Mark Ruffalo) has been in the music business in New York City.  He was very successful, creating hits, but now he drinks. He split with his wife (Catherine Keener) and occasionally sees his teenage daughter who dresses  like "Jodie Foster in "Taxi Driver," - "American Apparel" sexy. He's quickly moving downhill. 

Dan drives a once fancy car now on its last legs.  He listens to CDs of wannabe stars as he drives whose music he mostly hates and tosses the really bad ones out the window as he downs alcohol and pills.

In a somewhat drunken stupor, Dan enters a bar and discovers Greta (Keira Knightley) as she performs a song she wrote "Lost Stars." She has been dumped by her not so interesting boyfriend who has sold out to the music industry. Dan is attracted to the song, and he orchestrates the tune in his head in an elaborate arrangement.  It's a wonderful sequence because we learn how music is constructed with its many layers into a full track as he visualizes it happening.

Now he has to convince Greta that he can promote her and the song. He comes up with the idea of an independent record label.... recording all over the New York City outdoors with his car as a mobile studio.  He finds talented young student musicians and some pros offering a deal on the back end. Anyone in show business knows that this means deferred payment - the money may or may not come through.

Recordings take place in a row boat, a subway station, the rooftop of a tall building....

There's a wonderful beat box sequence in the film when Dan is recruiting a few professional musicians and another great scene when Dan has to bribe a group of noisy young kids in an alley to keep quiet while he's recording.

What happens to the recording reflects the power of social media.

Stay for the credits at the end of the film...the story continues.

Note:  John Carney also directed "Once," a romantic story about musicians and their struggles.  Academy Award,  Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song, Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová - "Falling Slowly."

Review by Lois Siegel


Audrey's Costume Castle & Dancewear

"Await The Freight"

Mitch St. Pierre

Intermode Media
It will also air on Current TV (United States)

Produced by Intermode Media with the help
 of Story Editor Sue Stranks
 Director at the Canadian Film Television Production Association

Two daring travelers embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Mitch and Skot

Along the way they encounter countless difficulties and obstacles
 that come rolling with the wheelchair and living life off the beaten track.
Come along for the ride and see how they meet adversity and beat overwhelming odds.
Mitch, who has been diagnosed with a brittle bone disorder
sets out on this dangerous expedition in a wheelchair.

He faces unbelievable barriers when attempting freight train hops in the constraints of his chair. Accompanied by his best friend Skot
 the two document their story as they face the unknown in "Await the Freight."

Canadian Film Institute

Local Movie Listings


Ottawa, Canada
Contact: Danny McLeod T: +1 613 282-3858 E:


Quiet Revolution Pictures, Majika Pictures and Denmark's Fridthjof Films with the support of
Telefilm Canada and The Danish Film Institute will be filming the feature-length dark comedy,
Eddie" in the Nation’s Capital

Photo by Lois Siegel
Miriam Nørgaard and Michael Dobbin

Photo by Lois Siegel
Boris Rodriguez, Director

Starring Thure Lindhart (Angels & Demons, Into The Wild), Georgina Reilly (Pontypool, This Movie is Broken), Al Goulem (18 to Life, The Trotsky) and Dylan Smith (300, Love & Savagery).

Production is scheduled to begin February 7, 2011.
Quiet Revolution Pictures:
Fridthjof Films:
Telefilm Canada:

Ottawa, ON Canada,  February 7, 2011 –the Nation’s Capital is being transformed into the set of a twisted, dark-comedy movie entitled "Eddie." The satirical story is about a once-famous painter who rediscovers inspiration after he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal. Telefilm Canada and the Danish Film Institute have partially funded the project to be directed by Boris Rodriguez (Havana Kids, Beso Nocturno) and produced by Ottawa native Michael A. Dobbin (The Devil’s Curse, Powerful: Energy for Everyone, The Maiden Dance to Death) and Ronnie Fridthjof (Armadillo, Tempo). “The National Capital Region is the ideal setting for this movie. I’m really looking forward to working here,” says Boris.

Photo by Lois Siegel
Michael Dobbin, Producer

Director Boris Rodriguez is a graduate of Concordia University and the Canadian Film Centre. Boris’ films Beso Nocturno (Night Kiss) and Perfect both had premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Beso Nocturno was selected for a retrospective at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.

Michael’s past work as a producer includes Toni Harman's debut horror entitled The Devil's Curse (aka Credo), (currently available through Lionsgate and iTunes), David Chernushenko’s Powerful: Energy for Everyone as well as Endre Hules' The Maiden Danced to Death. Michael was mentored by BAFTA-winning producer of East is East, Leslee Udwin. He’s an alumnus of the film programme of Ryerson. In October 2006, Michael founded the ‘Just Watch Me!’ Canadian Film Festival and as a story editor, script doctor and lecturer is in steady demand on both sides of the Atlantic.

For further information:
Lois Siegel, Unit Publicist: >>>>>>>
Danny McLeod, Assistant Producer + 613 282-3858

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Cooperative of Ottawa

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Specializing in a unique collection of films
you can't find anywhere else.
Extensive selection of outstanding
 documentary films by independent filmmakers

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Ottawa International Animation Festival

Teen Filmmaker First Local to Win

at Ottawa International Animation Festival


©Photo  by Lois Siegel

 Will Inrig's short, animated film
 "The Depose of Bolskivoi Hovhannes" won the
Adobe Prize for High School Animation


This is his first animated film and tells the story of a humble shepherd
on a wind-swept heath in Armenia, whose sheep begin to conspire against him.


Inrig gained significant attention last summer with his debut feature documentary film
"The Exceptional Jivatma Valettas" that chronicles his very eccentric next-door neighbours.
 The film
premiered at the Library and Archives Canada.

He is currently working on another feature documentary
 "The Fantastic Ballet of the Mind and Its Master," exploring the inner fantasies of the autistic mind.

The film is inspired by his younger brother who has been diagnosed with severe autism.
Inrig is working with
the National Film Board of Canada through
 the assistance of Oscar-winning producer Adam Symansky.
Acting as the film’s executive producer is renowned Canadian filmmaker
 and Order of Canada recipient Allan King ("Warrendale," "A Married Couple").

Inrig is mentored by Order of Canada recipient Alanis Obomsawin,
one of Canada’s most distinguished documentary filmmakers
 and Ottawa filmmaker Lois Siegel.


Inrig's first dramatic feature about an enigmatic alien landing in northern Ontario,
 is also being supported by the National Film Board of Canada


 "The Depose of Bolskivoi Hovhannes" was made as part of
Canterbury High School's Media Arts Program 


Director: Will Inrig
Camera: Gordon Bailey

AUDIO: Will Inrig talks to All in a Day host Adrian Harewood on CBC Radio July 23, 2008

 International Launch of Mediateque

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