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Peter Harcourt
Peter Harcourt, a Canadian critic based at the British Film Institute,
 was hired by Queen's University in 1967 to teach its first regular film course.
He headed the first Film Studies Department in Canada (1969).
Harcourt has written extensively on European and Canadian cinema
 and is the author of "Six European Directors" (1974)
 and "A Canadian Journey: Conversations with Time" (1994).
In 2005, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada.
He lives in Ottawa and worries about Canada.


Introducing Michael Ostroff, Ottawa Filmmaker

Uncertain Identities: Montreal Main (1974)

Montreal Main (1974) Retrospective (2005)

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Montreal Main

To Purchase Montreal Main

Montreal Main (Book)
A Queer Film Classic
By Thomas Waugh and
Jason Garrison

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