Strangers in Town
Directed by Lois Siegel

"Honeybee" Glasses

STRANGERS IN TOWN is a documentary about albinos. It  considers both the medical and social aspects of albinism. The film attempts to overcome the prejudices and misconceptions people have toward albinos. Personalities appearing in the film include blues/rock singer Johnny Winter

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©Photo by Lois Siegel
Johnny Winter
Rolling Stone


Raisin' Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter

Produced by

Lois Siegel Productions Inc. and Brian MacLeod, with the assistance of
The National Film Board of Canada   

Director Lois Siegel
Camera Ron Hallis, Jean-Yves Dion
Music Andre Vincelli
Editor Lois Siegel
Sound Gabor Vadnay, Albert Ohayon, Gordon Thompson, Claude Hazanavicius, Ron Hallis, Don Cohen, Robert Gibson
Narrator Don Winkler
Advisors Dr. Bernard Robaire, Director-Centre for the Study of Reproduction and Associate Professor Departments of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and of Obstetrics and
Gynaecology, McGill University; Dr. Carl J. Witkop, Jr., Division of Genetics, Department of Oral Pathology and Genetics, School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota
Technique         Documentary
Format 43 minutes, 1548 feet, 16mm, color, optical sound
Completed 1988

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Photo by Bruce Saunders

      Ken Gray and Lois Siegel
 "Strangers in Town"
Royal Jubilee Hospital 
Victoria, British Columbia
August 26, 2013

Movie Monday

Ken Gray lives with albinism, is legally blind, and a talented photographer.
Most persons with albinism are legally blind.

A ‘blind photographer’ pursues art, justice and faith


"I must say I enjoyed the evening a great deal and love learning.
It was a tremendous film and wonderful to meet you – the filmmaker!"

Susan Engel
Low Vision Specialist

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