Friends of The
National Arts Centre Orchestra

Embassy Chamber Music Concerts

Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra
is a volunteer organization whose mission
 is to support and promote
the National Arts Centre Orchestra

 They offer a unique series of Embassy Concerts
Proceeds benefit music education programs
for young people.

Japanese Embassy Residence

Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monjii
 and his wife Etsuko Monjii
hosted an
Embassy Chamber Music Concert

at his residence in support of
Friends of the National Arts
Centre Orchestra 
January 2017

Yosuke Kawasaki, concertmaster
National Arts Centre Orchestra
was one of the guest performers

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel

Flutist Joanna G'Froerer, Cellist Rachel Mercer
Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monjii, his wife Etsuko Monjii
Violinist Yosuke Kawasaki

Suzanne Gumpert, Albert Benoit
Etsuko Monjii, wife of Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monjii
Sheila Sanders, Heather Lockwood

Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monjii, his wife Etsuko Monjii
Eleonore Wnendt, wife of German Ambassador Werner Wnendt

Bill Pugsley
Chief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlin 
Frank McArdle
Melina Vacca-Pugsley, Embassy Concert Chair

Pianist Vadim Serebryany, Violinist Yosuke Kawasaki
Rachel Mercer

Christine McLaughlin, Ross Francis, Moira Dexter

Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monjii, his wife Etsuko Monjii

Robert and Louise Lafleur

Dorothy Stanyar, Counsellor Takashi Futagi, Maya Solajic

Jean-Guy and Patricia Dumoulin
Nijole Kazlauskas-Deskin

Akio and Chieko Isomota, John Horvath

Annemarie Reinecke, Sylvia Grambart, Joan Forbes

Heather Lockwood, Beth MacKay, John Layton

Flutist Joanna G'Froerer; Cellist Rachel Mercer
Violinist Yosuke Kawasaki

Gerard Lavelle 

Pianist Vadim Serebryany
Violinist Yosuke Kawasaki

Louise Lafleur, Ardith Francis 

Jake Wright
Photographer, Hill Times

Sheila Sanders, Heather Lockwood

Pianist Vadim Serebryany

Joan Forbes, Robert and Louise Lafleur

Paul Schaub, Nijole Kazlauskas-Deskin, Dennis Deskin

Albert Benoit, Annemarie Reinecke, Suzanne Gumpert

Ross Francis, Robert Lafleur

Richard MacDonald, Mary Sheffield

Gerard Lavelle, Chieko Isomota

Beryl Turner, Diana Dzimbowski

 Lynne and Willem Lenselink

 Cellist Rachel Mercer, Flutist Joanna G'Froerer

Margaret Gervais

Ayla Kayalioglu

Maja Solajic

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