Ottawa Celtic Slow Jam

Doug Hardwick

In 1996, banjo player Doug Hardwick went to Goderich Celtic College,
 Goderich, Ontario.  He spent a week mingling with musicians during informal workshops.
 It was here he realized that not everyone wants to play at lightening speed.
  Hardwick developed an idea for a group that would be more 'user-friendly' for beginners,
 as well as more seasoned veterans.  He
approached the Glebe Community Centre
 for a practice space and then let people know he was starting a Celtic Slow Jam.

CBC "Living in Ottawa" Video

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Ottawa Traditional Fiddling and Folk Art Society, Dow's Lake, February 2004

Deborah and Brian Foster

Keith Findley and Paul Adams

Barbara Wilson

Sue and Rob Rogers

Deborah Foster

Brian Foster

Eric Dunn and Shirley Moss

Rob Rogers, Claude Danis

Celtic Slow Jam is set up in the tradition of the Kitchen Ceilidh so popular in Cape Breton,
 where everyone gathers around the kitchen table, playing tunes one after another.

Brent McMillan, Keith Findley, Paul Adams

Allan Francoeur

Musicians with all types of instruments (fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, tin whistle, banjo, accordion, guitar, autoharp, piano, concertina, bouzouki) sit in a circle and take turns choosing a tune.

Shirley Moss, Neville Miller, Barbara Wilson

The person whose turn it is starts the tune at the speed he desires. Everyone follows his lead.
If someone wants to play the tune a bit faster, it's played again.

Neville Miller

Shirley Moss

Janice Parton and Gordon Manuel

Sue and Rob Rogers

John Katic

Vance Trudeau

Eugene Deery

Lois Siegel

Joel Joy and  Eugene Deery created the Slow Jam Music book and made it
 available for download through the Internet site.

©Photo by Owen Deery

The Lyon Street Celtic Band

Over the years, the players have changed.  Some moved away, some moved on.  A handful
 broke off to form a performing group. In 1999 they became The Lyon Street Celtic Band,
 and they have played in many of the major festivals in Ottawa.  

©Photo by Paul Jean
Celtic North

 In 2002, another group from Slow Jam formed Celtic North.

Ottawa Celtic Slow Jam meets at The Glebe Community Centre, 175 3rd Ave., Nursery Room
(basement level
) , Thursday, 7 - 9 p.m., 
Contact: John Katic

 Cost: $2 per session

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