Technical Requirements

Natalie Harrison:  Fiddle - XLR input for fiddle pickup
1 Microphone XLR with Stand for Vocals

Lois Siegel:  XLR input for Fiddle pickup
1 Microphone (XLR) for various Percussion (Spoons, Bodhran, Washboard)
1 Microphone XLR with Stand for Vocals

Marie Deziel:
1 Microphone  XLR for Accordion or Whistle
1 1/4" input for Piano
1 Microphone XLR with Stand for Vocals


1. All instrument connections must be within approximately 10 feet of the instrument – can be direct to the mixer or via DI boxes

Phantom power is required for some instruments.

2.   Each player needs an armless chair.  Lois needs an extra chair for percussion.

3.  Each player needs a space of approximately 4 feet (side-to-side) and 3 feet (front-to-back). Lois needs extra room for percussion.

4.   Monitors to be determined based on the venue: typically 2 monitor speakers in front. 

Positions on Stage

            Lois                                      Natalie                    Marie
Fiddle and Percussion                      Fiddle                   Accordion

  Stage Front


Set up & Sound Check:  1 hour

Creature Comforts:   Cold Bottled Water

A nearby, off-stage, secure storage area with a table approximately 6' x 4'
for instrument cases or two tables at the back of the stage

Good , white light in order to read music when necessary

Fiddle Chicks

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