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Celtic North

                           Photo by Paul Jean
                         Lois Siegel, Dan Perkins, Marie Deziel


Announcing Celtic North's
First CD Release


The members of Celtic North are fortunate to live in the Ottawa/Gatineau area
where “traditional” music is a wonderful mix of Irish, Scottish, and French tunes. 
In this, our first recording, we have collected some of our favourite melodies,
with a couple of well-known songs thrown in for good measure.  

               Lois Siegel         Fiddle, Spoons, Bodhran
                                                             Dan Perkins       Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Irish Bouzouki, Bodhran
 Marie Deziel      Accordion, Fiddle

Tunes include

Irish Washerwoman, Auprès de ma blonde, Scotland the Brave,
Loch Lomond, Morrison's, The Girl I Left Behind Me

Price: $15.00 + U.S. and Canada
Shipping and Handling $8 = $23.00

Lois Siegel

(613) 830-2509
Ottawa, Canada


Celtic North isn't their day job, but as their new CD shows, they certainly have flair....
"Celtic North" is a very good first CD.  It contains a variety of tunes,
mainly Irish and Scottish, with a few French pieces....
The playing is lively and catchy; the instrumentation creative.
Reuel S. Amdur
"Celtic Life" Magazine
heir day

Your CD is great--such lively "fun time" music.
Good recording, and you all sound fantastic.
Dayle Reynolds
Ottawa, Canada


Really like the CD... the arrangements are wonderful,
the blend of instruments is SO smooth,
and the interwoven melodies are beautiful.
Joe Berman

Athens, Ohio

"French influences add uniqueness to Celtic North's debut album"
Dan Plouffe
Orleans Star
Ottawa, Canada

Celtic North
Rogers TV

"French influences add uniqueness to
Celtic North’s debut album"

 by Dan Plouffe

©Photo by Victor Turco
Marie Déziel, Lois Siegel, Dan Perkins

©Photo by Kasia Korta
Les Résidences de la Gappe
Gatineau, Quebec

 We are three musicians who love to perform.

We play traditional Irish, Scottish, Breton, Welsh
French, Old-Time, Country, Latin American

We reside in
the Ottawa-Gatineau region
and specialize in house parties.
 Marie Déziel: fiddle, accordion,

Lois Siegel: fiddle, spoons, bodhran (Irish Drum), ugly stick, washboard
dancing marionettes
bonhomme gigueur

Dan Perkins:  guitar, bodhran, vocals

Contact: Lois Siegel (613) 830-2509

If you would like to be put on our email mailing list for announcements of public performances by Celtic North
 please send your name and email address to Lois Siegel

Event of the Year

©Photo by Charles Frost
Lois  Siegel, Marie Deziel, Dan Perkins, Mike Blakeley

he Grand Finale
Celtic North Performed New Year's Eve
at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Grand Hall, Gatineau, Quebec
 for the 150th Anniversary of the City of Ottawa
Being Named the Capital by Queen Victoria


Listen to
Celtic North (mp3)

La Bastringue

Hangman's Reel

Harvest Home & The Boys of Bluehill

Irish Washerwoman

Maggie in the Woods & The Girl I Left Behind Me

Road to Lisdoonvarna & Morrison's

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning & Drops of Brandy

Chartwell Rideau Place Retirement Residence
St. Patrick's

        Past Performances

The Band


Technical Requirements


©Photo by Tom Robertson
Lois Plays the Spoons

©Photo by Kasia Korta

The Ugly Stick is a traditional  instrument popular in Newfoundland,  fashioned out of household and tool shed items, typically a mop handle with  bottle caps, small bells and other noise makers. The instrument is played with a drum stick.

The instrument is lifted and dropped on the floor in a rhythmic fashion while the musician strikes the attachments.

©Photo by Tom Robertson
Ugly Stick

©Photo by Kasia Korta

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Audience Response

I popped in a few times.  People were having fun and clapping along…
You were quite the sight in your Viking hat and washboard!  Great fun.

You guys were great!  Thank you for participating in the festival.
Orleans Festival

Louise Michaud
Program Coordinator
Arts Ottawa East
Shenkman Arts Centre

Celtic North recently played at a wedding in Ottawa for the son
composer, conductor, pianist, and orchestrator David Warrack.

Your music set the tone for a joyous day.
I can't thank you enough for being such an important
 and wonderful part of the ceremony
 I'll certainly recommend you highly to anyone
looking for wonderful music.

David Warrack

Other musicians performing for the event, besides Warrack, were
Jackie Richardson and  Jackson Miles Band


The list of music looks great to me.
 Most are familiar songs.
My mother always sang in the home,
and I had a good voice up to a few years ago.
With the advent of the radio and TV, people don't sing as much,
 and most popular songs are not as lyrical.
 Your presentation will be the highlight of the evening.
Ken Riley
Reunion: Navy Crew Members of H.M.C.S. Nene K270
a WWII frigate under Canadian and British command

©Photo  by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel and The Ugly Stick
Lois Plays the Ugly Stick

Thank you so much for playing at my birthday party.
 It was tremendous having your group there.
Ken Riley

We are delighted that Celtic North
 was able to join us for FestivARTS this year
 Your music certainly got everyone tapping their toes!
Marlene Hoff
Membership/Communications Coordinator

was going to e-mail you and tell you how fantastic you three were.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. John enjoyed it especially.
 I am going to recommend your band wherever I can.
Jillian Soame
Surprise Birthday Party for Her Husband John

On behalf of the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum,
I would like to extend my thanks to you all for performing
at the Heritage Trades Festival.
Celtic North added great quality entertainment to the event.
We had wonderful comments from the artisans
as well as the visitors.
I hope that your participation in the event was a worthwhile experience for you as well.
I thank you again for your commitment and enthusiasm
 and look forward to your next performances at the museum!
Anik Després
Heritage Specialist
Cumberland Heritage Village Museum
Cumberland, Ontario

Everybody had a super evening. The band was excellent.
Fundraiser for "Habitat for Humanity of Great Ottawa."
Bruce Fanjoy

I have heard wonderful things!!
The residents had a blast!! We will be in touch soon
for other possible events!!
Jessica Dube
Recreation Manager
Seniors’ Suites & Retirement Residence

Arts Ottawa East

©Photo by Paul Jean
Place d'Orleans Shopping Centre
 November 2005

©Photo by Paul Jean
Lois and Dan

©Photos by Kasia Korta
Les Résidences de la Gappe
Gatineau, Quebec