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Marie Deziel  

Marie Déziel comes from a musical family. She grew up listening to Shostakovich and Mozart
while playing with her Lego. By age 10 she could play the piano by ear and had received
her first accordion. She now plays the violin, the viola, accordion and the piano with several groups.  Her passion for musical instruments recently led her to take up the study of the hurdy gurdy, which is used in the folk tradition of France and also in medieval and renaissance music. 
Marie Déziel is a Spanish, French and music CEGEP (College) teacher.
She also plays the violin and the viola with Parkdale and Kanata Symphony Orchestras in Ottawa

Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins recently retired as an engineer and project manager who worked mainly in the fields of satellite communications and air traffic control.  His "day job" has now become music, cycling, and tree farming (where he is often noted to be out standing in his field).
His musical interests are varied. Over the years he has contributed voice, guitar and percussion to many groups, including choirs, as well as folk, country, and Celtic ensembles.  Dan loves Irish ballads and pub songs and enjoys the energy and subtlety of the varied rhythms found in traditional Irish and Scottish music.

Lois Siegel

Lois Siegel is a filmmaker and photographer who recently started haunting the music scene in Ottawa. She taught she taught Video Production at the University of Ottawa for 18 years. Her documentary films cover a range of subjects: "Baseball Girls" (women who play softball and baseball), "Lip Gloss" (female impersonators), "Strangers in Town" (albinos), and "Stunt People" (The Fournier Family performing stunts for films). She's also a freelance photographer and currently works for the Diplomat Magazine.   Lois also plays the spoons, bodhran, dancing marionettes, (gigueur), the Ugly Stick, washboard, and percussion.

Lois Siegel Productions Inc.

Celtic North