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~Technical Requirements ~~~~~~~~~~

Technical RequirementsGrac

Prepared by Dan Perkins, (613) 837-6421
Updated: May 2013

  1. All instrument connections within approx. 10 feet of instrument.  Instrument connections can be direct to mixer or via DI boxes.  Phantom power required from mixer needed for some instruments

  2. Each player needs a chair without arms.

  3. Required stage area for performers- approx 14 feet (side to side) by and 6 feet (front to back)

  4. Creature comforts
    - cold bottled water, or ice water (sturdy glasses, not thin plastic)
    - one table (approx 6 feet by 4 feet, near stage) for instruments
    - secure storage area for coats and instrument cases
    - good, white light in order to read music
    - we do not play unless the temperature is at least 20 degrees centigrade inside in the winter.
    - please make sure your heating system is working properly.

  5. Summary of equipment requirements (detailed below)
    - two line input for jacks for instruments
    - two XLR inputs for instruments
    - two (2) microphones (XLR), with short stands, for instruments
    - two (2) microphones (XLR) with stands, for vocals
    - Dan will also need a microphone for the bodhran.

  6. Phantom Power required

  7. Set-up and sound check time: 1 hour


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