Fiddle Farmers 

Photo by Clarence Boudreau
Sidney, British Columbia

Courtesy of the Huang Family

The Piano House is located in Huainan City
An Hui Province, China.
It contains a transparent violin and a piano building.
Inside the violin, there is a staircase towards the piano house - upstairs. This building, built for music lovers, acts as a
performance and practicing area for music students at
 the local college in Huainan City, East China.

Le Violon d'Ingres (Ingres's Violin)

Man Ray

These men actually fought in the civil war in opposing armies,
 and toured the country as the old fiddler soldiers after the war

©Photo by Marc Chaumeil
Little Girl with Jean-Baptiste Vullaume's
 double bass

©Photo by Eva Besnyö

Gypsy Boy

Montreal, Quebec

Photo by Lois Siegel
Chocolate Violin
Delice Royal

Ottawa Ontario

Wilbur Hall


Darth Fiddler
Victoria, B.C.

Miri Ben-Ari

Sidney, B.C.

Photo by Nick Clements
Kim Shiman
South Korean cellist Kim Shiman has gone from obscurity to global fame in the wink of an eye after McDonald’s restaurants emblazoned the Hannam University student’s likeness on millions of cups and bags, as well as the Internet, as part of its yearlong Global Casting marketing campaign. The 2007 campaign was designed to portray the “unique and interesting” people who dine at McDonald’s worldwide. But the whole thing came as a surprise to Shiman, who also works at a McDonald’s in Dae Jun. An underclassman had snapped the audition image—which shows the string player clad in sneakers and strumming his cello like a guitar—during a break with the university’s competition orchestra. Shiman became one of only 25 people selected from 13,000 entries in 100 countries. The final image used on the packaging was shot by renowned lifestyle photographer Nick Clements. 

Rohan de Saram

Fiddle Farmer  Ray Chapeskie, Eganville, Ontario, Canada

 Reflections of (half) a Century
"Eganville Leader"
Ontario, Canada

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Matilda Murdoch

Photo courtesy of The Weekly Journal, Orleans
Randy Foster, The Fiddlin' Fireman, Orleans, Ontario, Canada.

Kansas City Police Photo

John Hartford
Nashville, Tennessee  

All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil

Apache Fiddler

Frankie Gavin

©Photo by Daily Mirror
Max Jaffa
Scarborough, England

Fiddles on the Tobique

Fiddler Ed Berbaum

©Photo by Rob Crosbie
A Suzuki Violin Group Class
Arusha, Tanzania, Africa

Violin Instructor: Laura Nerenberg

©Photo by FSA Ben Shahn

©Photo by Peter Marshall

Matt Molloy's Pub, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland

Aunt Samantha Bumgarner

Courtesy of Western History/Genealogy Department
Denver Public Library

Frontier Fiddler
Cabin of S. J. Roberts
Cripple-Creek, Colorado

The Schryer Triplets

Calvin Vollrath and his satisfied customers
St. Paul, Alberta

Courtesy of the Nebraska State Historical Society
Southwest Custer County Nebraska

Courtesy of the Nebraska State Historical Society
Custer County

Courtesy of Fred Hulstrand "History in Pictures Collection"
Travelling Musicians

© 1998 The University of Arizona Foundation
Collection Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
Photograph by Hansel Mieth
Albert Einstein

Andre Kertesz
"Wandering Violinist, Abony, Hungary

©Photo by Dave Gahr

©Photo by John Fowler

Jazz Fiddler Leroy Jenkins

Asya Schween
"He's Mine!"
Kodak Endura Metallic Type-C
Print 12" x 17"

©Photo by Burt Glinn

Northwest Mountain Fiddlers Contest
Boise, Idaho

Photo Courtesy of Clarence Boudreau
Halloween Fiddler Busking for Blood
October 2007
Sidney, British Columbia

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