Les Violons Du Roy: Ode to a Requiem

Les Violons du Roy is a Canadian chamber ensemble with a sterling international reputation. The group has just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The film "Ode to a Requiem" places the musicians, who hail from various parts of Canada, and their Quebec born director, Bernard Labadie, centre stage in a moving tribute to their artistry.

Film directed by Don Winkler, produced by Craig Graham
Premiere CBC "Opening Night" Series
April 2007

starNominated for Two Gemini Awardsstar
Best Performing Arts or Arts Documentary Program
Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program 

Recognizing achievement in English-language television production

starNominated for Two Gémeaux star

Celebrating excellence in French-language television production

Lois Siegel Stills Photographer

The Ottawa Citizen called it “gorgeous to look at, and gorgeous to listen to,”
and the Toronto Globe and Mail described it as “engaging, excellent, and educational.”

Les Violons du Roy
 November 7,2006
Mozart's Requiem
Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Attendance:  1900

Conductor: Bernard Labadie
Hélène Guilmette, soprano
Michèle Losier, mezzo-soprano
Colin Balzer, tenor
John Fanning, baritone
With La Chapelle de Québec

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Bernard Labadie

Don Winkler, director
Craig Graham, producer

Bernard Labadie, Conductor

Colin Balzer

Hélène Guilmette

John Fanning

Michèle Losier

Bernard Labadie, Conductor (right)
Hélène Guilmette, Michèle Losier, Colin Balzer, John Fanning

Hélène Guilmette
Bernard Labadie, Conductor

Bernard Labadie, Conductor (left)
John Fanning, Colin Balzer, Hélène Guilmette, Michèle Losier

Nicole Trotier, Concertmaster

Richard Paré, Harpsichord, Organ

Bernard Labadie

André Morin, Timpani

Benoît Loiselle, Principal Cello

Sylvain Murray, Cello

Niklas Eklund
Benjamin Raymond

Bernard Labadie


La Chapelle de Québec

The Audience

The Crew

(Left to Right)
Jean-Marc Giacopazzi - Église St-Jean-Baptiste
Michel Robitaille -  Technical Director,  Les Violons du Roy Orchestra
Jean Demers - Production Manager, Cinepro
Sophie Roy - Public Relations Director, Les Violons du Roy Orchestra

Normand Chassé 

Bernard Fougères
Director of Photography

Richard Lavoie

 Ivan Chauvin
Steadicam Operator

Director Don Winkler

Producer Craig Graham

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