Montreal Main

The film "Montreal Main" celebrated its 31st birthday
 in Montreal, during the Festival du Nouveau Cinema
 October 2005.

The cast and crew reunited once more for the screening.
It was quite the scene.

The film was preceded by "Ryan" by Chris Landreth
Oscar-winner for the Best Short Animation, 2004

ęPhotos by Lois Siegel

 Restaurant Mazurka
John Sutherland (Actor), Frank Vitale (Director), Stephen Lack (Actor)

John Sutherland, Lois Siegel (Filmmaker/Photographer), Stephen Lack

Photographer Hazel Field with Scooter

The Line-Up at Ex-Centris

Entering the Theatre
John Sutherland, Stephen Lack, Eric Bloch (Cinematographer), Frank Vitale

Harry Gulkin, Film Producer

Frank, Stephen, Harry

Ryan Larkin, Film Animator
 Laurie Gordon (with camera), Singer

Laurie Gordon


Hazel Field
 Claude Chamberlan, Co-Founder and Director of Programming
Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Frank, Stephen, Ryan

Peter Brawley, Actor


Stephen, Frank, Claude

Jean-Sebastien Austin,  Tom Waugh
Concordia University Professor and Graduate Program Head, Film Studies


Claude and His Bright Red Camera

Frank and Claude discover Ryan Larkin's film critique
"Me, I like short films. Edit: 25 minutes too long."

In the Elevator

The Party
Juste Pour Rire

Just for Laughs

To Purchase Montreal Main

Montreal Main (Book)
A Queer Film Classic
By Thomas Waugh and
Jason Garrison

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