A 20th Century Chocolate Cake
Directed by Lois Siegel

A 20TH CENTURY CHOCOLATE CAKE is A Film Recipe for the Future. This bizarre comedy is an off-beat look at the absurdities of the 20th century - where dreams don't come true. Pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV or just look out the window. It's all there.

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Music by Andre Vincelli
Main Theme (mp3)
Talk About it  (mp3) (Original Song)
Two Genie Award nominations,
of Canadian Cinema and Television
 Best Musical Score, Best Original Song, 1984
Athens International Film and Video Festival, Athens, Ohio,
 Feature Category: Honorable Mention

Who Appears in Chocolate Cake?

Photo by Daniel Villeneuve
Lois and The Great Antonio

 Peter Kelly Gaudreault
"North of 60" Actor


 Dov Charney
C.E.O. American Apparel


A 20th Century Chocolate Cake
Glen MacPherson (Assistant Camera), Lois Siegel (Director), Peter Benison (Cinematographer)

Produced by

Lois Siegel Productions Inc., Lois Siegel and Gregory Van Riel,  with the assistance of The National Film Board of Canada

Director Lois Siegel
Starring Gregory Van Riel, Charles Fisch, Jr., Jeanine Laskar
Also Featuring The Great Antonio, Thomas Schnurmacher, Stephen Lack, Peter Brawley
Scriptwriter Gregory Van Riel
Camera Peter Benison, Mike Rixon, Glen MacPherson, Lois Siegel, Francois Warot,
Raymond Gravel, Serge Ladoucer, Donald Delorme, George Archambault, Ken Decker, Werner Volkmer, Daniel Villeneuve
Sound Paul Turcotte, Mary Armstrong, Gilbert Lachapelle, Michel Charron, Donald Cohen, Ron Hallis, Richard Elson, Glenn Hodgins, Gaby Vadnay, Ray Roth, Tina Horne
Music Andre Vincelli
Performers Marc Fleury, Florian Richard, Richard Perrotte, Simon Stone, Sharon Ryan
Andre Vincelli
Editor  Lois Siegel
Fiction/Documentary - Feature Film
 70 minutes, 2520 feet, 16mm, color, optical sound
Completed 1983

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