Stunt People
Directed by Lois Siegel

STUNT PEOPLE features four generations of the Fournier family: smashing cars, catching fire and falling off buildings for the fun of it. Their passion is action and adventure. STUNT PEOPLE moves behind the scenes to give an insight as to how stunts are done and why stunt people risk their lives to perform stunts for film.


star1990 Genie Award:
Best Short Documentary
Academy of Canadian
 Cinema and Television

Photo by Attila Dory
Celine Fournier

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©Photo by Lois Siegel



Produced by 

 Lois Siegel with the assistance of The National Film Board of Canada

Director Lois Siegel
Camera Peter Benison, Daniel Villeneuve, Glen MacPherson, Andrew Nevard,
Ron Hallis
Sound Michel Charon, Lois Siegel, Delano Jureidini, Albert Ohayon, Gabor
Vadnay, Don Cohen, Glenn Hodgins, Hunt Hoe
Music Andre Vincelli
Editor Lois Siegel
Kevin Tierney
Narration Voice Stanley Asher
Featuring Marcel Fournier and Fournier & Freres Cascadeurs
Technique Documentary
Format 47:32 minutes, 1711 feet, 16mm, optical sound, color
Completed 1989

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