Map Created by Sarah Murray

Belgian Ambassador Raoul Delcorde
Israeli Ambassador, Rafael Barak

Dining with Ambassadors
April 2015

Friends of the Village of
Rockcliffe Park Foundation

Dining with Ambassadors Organizing Committee

Marianne Feaver, Dr. Eleonore Wnendt, Sarah Baxter
Peter Hyde, Jane Panet, Alex Taggart, Jane Newcombe
Absent from Photo: Robert Collette
Pam Gibb-Carsley, Marilyn Wilson

Rockcliffe Community Centre
 and Public Library
Cocktail Reception

Groups are formed and a random draw
assigns guests to hosts
Ambassadors and High Commissioners

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Marilyn Wilson, Dream Properties Brokerage, Inc., Sponsor
Joan Sun
Dr. Allan Wilson

Star Motors of Ottawa

Huff Estates Inn and Winery
2013 Merlot
2013 Riesling Medium Dry

Miriam, wife of Israeli Ambassador Rafael Barak
Dr. Eleonore Wnendt, wife of German Ambassador
Werner Wnendt
Kazakhstan Ambassador Konstantin Zhigalov

Turkish Ambassador Selcuk Unal with his wife Lerzan

Marilyn Wilson, Dream Properties Brokerage, Inc., Sponsor
 Jane Panet, Dining with Ambassadors Committee

Louise French
Dr. Irene
Knöpfel Nobs
 Swiss Ambassador Dr. Beat Nobs
John French

James Baxter, Editor and Publisher, iPolitics
with his wife Sarah;  Dorinda Brunst
Tobi Nussbaum, Councillor, Rideau-Rockcliffe

Chilean Ambassador Alfonso Silva Navarro
Uruguayan Ambassador Elbio Rosselli

Hala Youssef with her husband Egyptian Ambassador
Motaz Zahran

Tulips & Maple Catering

Finnish Ambassador Charles Murto
 with his wife Ritva

Emily Beausoleil
Rockcliffe Park Community Centre
 City of Ottawa

Dr. David Esdaile, Perrin and Julie Beatty
Dr. Paul Beaul
é and Justine Beaulé

Finnish Ambassador Charles Murto
Swedish Ambassador Per

Mary Burke-Cameron and Eric Burke, Stephen Bleeker and
Janice McDonald,  Grant McDonald and
Carol Devenny

German Ambassador Werner Wnendt
  his wife Dr. Eleonore Wnendt

Liba Bender

Carolynne and Sam Kucey

Victoria and Russ Gibson

Diana Rowley

Peter Hyde, Dining with Ambassadors Committee

Ismene Wood

Deborah Wyatt, Gloria Connelly, Denise Bourque-Larivière

G. Alexander Macklin, Liba Bender
Egyptian Ambassador Motaz Zahran  

Cathy Ireland
Swedish Ambassador Per
David Graham

Ritva Murto, Marianne Feaver, Miriam Barak
Jane Panet, Dr. Eleonore Wnendt

Andy Robinson and his wife Bonnie
Regina Hermida Mouriz wife of
Uruguayan Ambassador Elbio Rosselli
Israeli Ambassador Rafael Barak

Jim Taggart
Mauril Bélanger, MP Ottawa-Vanier
Bonnie Robinson, Chair
Friends of the Village of Rockcliffe Park Foundation

Dr. Alykhan Abdulla, Marc LeBoutillier
Madeleine Meilleur, MPP Ottawa-Vanier
Bill Malhotra, Neelam Charania

Dr. Eleonore Wnendt, wife of
German Ambassador Werner Wnendt
 Elmwood School
Leane Gaussorgues, Fumi Shibutani, Megan Sweeney
Emily Bangsboll, Sheetza McGarry

Ottawa Rocks

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