Great Glebe Garage Sale

Each year for nearly two decades
 thousands of people have flocked to the Glebe
for the annual Great Glebe Garage Sale in May

©Photos by
Lois Siegel
The Glebe Report

Ottawa Firehouse Cookbook: Recipes and Stories
Garry Clarke, retired fireman

Ottawa Firehouse Cookbook
Recipes and Stories
Available at Ottawa, Canada
Fire Stations

2,000 copies sold at the Glebe Garage Sale
The first printing (3,000) sold in less than a month.
Another 5,000 have been printed.

Madeleine Giroux, Calum O'Brien, Erika Ward, Brandon Lawlor

Igor Milasin and Garfield

Swampwater Dixieland Jazz
For the Ottawa Food Bank

Cassandra Burns (9)

Matthew Koop-Pearce

Yolla and Michel Maatoek

Mark Matz, Jeff Heaton

Engineers Without Borders
Dan Ironmonger, Sofia Paredes

Blippo The Builder Construction Set
1968 Builder Construction Set
Katy McIntyre, Morgen Peers

Front Row: Katy McIntyre, Matthew Koop-Pearce, Mokhtar Akbari
Back Row:  Olga Novoa, Morgan Peers, Kate Stuparyk, Lindsay Mahon

Sailboat for Sale
Pat O'Shea

CitroŽn for Sale
Deux Chevaux
Peter Gagne (Renfrew)

Bens with Beats
Donations to CISV
Children's International Summer Villages

Ben Holland (17)
Ben Compton (12)

Rene Desautels

Woosol Cho
Alma Thrift
University of Ottawa Students

Past Years

'Fiddlin' Jay and the Squirrel Hunters
from Peterborough
Jay Edmunds (fiddle) aka “Fiddlin' Jay”
Chris Culgin (guitar)
Diamond Dave (bass)
Benj Rowland (banjo)

Canterbury High School Musicians

Young Entrepreneur

Sunnyside Library
Elaine Marlin (left) Susan Townley (right)

Ryan Baylin, Martha Garrett, Ashlee Conery, Wesley Hughes

"Chop Suey and the Flying Buckets of Rice"

“Skepsis” – Will Guilbault (guitar); Liam McArdle (singer)

Randal Marlin Plays for
Peace and Environment Resource Centre

He collected $50 for PERC

Members of the Ottawa Youth Orchestra

The Swampwater Jazz Band

9-year-old Celtic Busker

Gerhard Becker, painter

Many of these photos first appeared in
The Glebe Report

Ottawa Rocks

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