Sam Bats

Owned and originated by Sam Holman,
Sam Bats gave Major League baseball players an option
over the traditional ash baseball bat.


Holman worked with wood as a hobby when he was a boy and was a stagehand for the National Arts Centre for 22 years. This provided the basis for his research into the best bat for baseball.

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Sam Bats are of high grade Hard Maple
 They are turned on a proprietary lathe
 which applies zero pressure to the wood allowing less fatigue.
 Maple resists dents because it is harder and more durable than ash bats
This results in less broken bats

Sam's bats have been in the hands of some of baseball's greatest players
including Joe Carter, Tim Raines, Carlos Delgado,
Jose Valentin Juan Gonzalez, and Barry Bonds.
 Bonds used a Sam Bat during his record breaking 2001 season
 when he hit 73 home runs

The round blanks is the library for our bats.  Each round is weighed and sorted into bins. 
 Depending on the model, a round is selected to make the bat.

Matt Tripp
Matt is cutting the round to the exact length the batter wants.

Siobhan O'Neill
Siobhan and Alfredo are sanding bats after they come off our x-y cutters.
  It will take them about five minutes to sand each bat.

Alfredo Maione

Paul Gauvin
Paul is checking for grain direction.  The label goes on top of the grain.
  At the plate, always look your Sam Bat in the eyes.

Robert Trudel
Robert is applying the last coat of varnish.

Barry Bonds and Sam Holman

 Barry Bonds used a Sam Bat during his record breaking
2001 season when he hit 73 home runs.
Albert Pujols used a Sam Bat during his record setting rookie campaign
 in 2001 winning Rookie of the Year honors  with 194 hits, 47 doubles,
37 homeruns, 130 RBI's and a .329 batting average.
More than 500 players now use Sam Bats.
The equipment you use makes a difference.

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