The Travers Debates
The National Arts Centre

Non-Partisan Party
 Verbal Slugfest
The Ottawa Citizen

James Travers

Photo by Wayne Hiebert
© The Ottawa Citizen

The R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellowship was established following
 the death in 2011
of legendary Canadian journalist Jim Travers,
a former national affairs columnist, newspaper editor and foreign correspondent.

Organized by friends of Jim's along with
 honorary co-chairs The Hon. John Manley

 and The Hon. Peter Kent, the Travers Debates features
an all-star cast of Ottawa notables.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Broadcaster 2012 chairman Don Newman 
hosted the evening 

The Hon. Hugh Segal
kept the debaters in line as moderator

And former auditor general Sheila Fraser

prevented any overruns in her role
as official timekeeper.

A rousing, fun time was had by all

 First Debate
"Twitter will be the Death of Journalism" 

Chantal Hebert
of The Star/Le Devoir

And NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen
Argued in favour of the motion


Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae

and CBC's Kady O'Malley

Second Debate
"The Future of the United States
 is Brighter than that of Canada."

Author and columnist Dan Gardner argued
for the United States

While pollster, political adviser
and pundit Allan Gregg defended Canada's honour

The Debaters in Action

Chantal Hebert

Bob Rae

Nathan Cullen

Kady O'Malley

Dan Gardner

Allan Gregg


The Hon. Hugh Segal

John Chenier

Al MacKay
, Co-Chair


Phil Gibson

Craig Oliver
Chief Political Correspondent
CTV News

Robyn Osgood, Lisa Courtney Lloyd, Caroline Mitchell

Patrick and Joan Travers


Silent Auction

1968 Photo by Peter Bregg of Pierre Trudeau
hanging himself
with a National Press Club necktie

An early Donato caricature of Brian Mulroney
Toronto Sun

An 1875 drawing of the Parliamentary Press Gallery

Photo by Bruno Schlumberger
 Ottawa Citizen


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Susan Delacourt
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