Winnie Chafe

Cape Breton Fiddler

Photo by Jim Lawrence

Winnie Chafe
Lifetime Achievement Award
Canadian Grand Masters

Cape Breton fiddler Winnie Chafe was the first woman to become International Fiddling Champion, Pembroke, Ontario.  Winnie teaches classical and Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle Music and has lectured on the History of Celtic Fiddle Music.  She has performed for royalty and received two honorary doctorates in recognition of her contribution to the legacy of Cape Breton’s music.

Winnie Chafe is renowned for her interpretation of slow airs.

Photo by Jim Lawrence

Winnie has performed at the East Coast Music Awards in Halifax and at the Celtic Colors International Music Festival, Cape Breton. As well, she played at the International Youth Festival of Music and Dance, Inverness, Scotland and she represented Canada at the International Fiddling Festival, London, England.

When she lived in California, Winnie was a member of the Ventura Symphony. Also, she was Concert Mistress in the Cape Breton Chamber Orchestra, Sydney, Nova Scotia and was a judge at the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship and at the Maritime Old Time Fiddling Contest. 

Her many awards include 'Cultural Life Award - Outstanding Professional Artist,' Cultural Federations of Nora Scotia and 'Business Woman of the Year,' Professional Women's Club of Canada.

Winnie even appeared on "To Tell the Truth," NBC Television, NYC.

Winnie lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Listen to Winnie

The Bonnie Lass of Headlake


Tea Garden's Jig Medley



   1. Stella's Trip to Kamloops - 3:50
   2. Caledonia Wedding Waltz - 2:49
   3. Apple Day - 3:45
   4. Echoes - 3:58
   5. Steps A' Plenty - 4:01
   6.   For The Love Of My Father - 3:43
   7.   Plaisir d' Amour - 3:02
   8.   Bean Iain Aoghais Nic Artair - 3:24
   9.   The German Waltz - 2:32
  10.  The P.E.I. Waltz - 2:13
  11.  The Triplet Clog - 2:17


©Photo by Lois Siegel

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